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    What policies would you recommend to Italy and Germany, assuming their desire to achieve a sustainable society?

    Consider the population situation in Italy or Germany; very low birth rates, an aging population, and eventual decline in overall numbers.

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    2 years ago

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    Don't allow dictators to lead them into world wars, again.

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    Hmmmmmm.......this sounds like my homework from my fourth semester Criminal justice your book and research your information then it will make sense!LOL

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    The similarities which you note are real, but the differences in traditional temperament, and the states of their economies, could hardly be more stark. I'd recommend that Italy quit the Euro, and that both of them seek to mechanise as much work as they can, so that they don't have to import so much unskilled or semi-skilled labour from abroad. That will allow them both to be more choosy than they have been about whom they let in, and especially about to whom they grant citizenship. It will also allow them to enjoy the benefits of a declining population - less overcrowding in the cities and on the roads, more affordable high-quality housing, and the opportunity to let the least attractive of their subtopian suburbs fall into decay, be demolished, and revert tp parkland, agriculture or wilderness, as seems appropriate.

    Yvonne57 Wow, you put some thought into that didn't you Umbriel. I can't add anything to that. TU r/yvonne57

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