Do you think corporations and government agenices should offer diversity training?

    Using ethnocentrism and cultural do you think corporations and government agencies should offer diversity training?

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    H*ll no! That should be taught at home.. I thinks it is a total waste of time. You'll never educate the racism out of a racist. In every ethnic race there had always been some form of racism. I think it is here to stay.. And no, I am not a racist, I'm a realist. People will continue to be people.


    that's right, Vin.And there's plenty of it in other countries too.

    Exactly!! This 'racism' play has gone on long enough, here in america, everyone has a chance to make it successfully, using race as a stepping stone is getting old and being called a racist for noting that success is measured through hard work is also getting old. I am a realist, I study the facts, I see the results of giving.. Give and give and eventually giving becomes taking. I feel that nows the time to practice equality from all sides, unfortunately, some groups may not like equality at all once they find that it involves working equally as well. Learning to accept those with a different belief and morals than yours is also important, being equal does not mean forcing me to follow your beliefs making me equally to you.. This will never happen. (I speak of 'you' in the third party-- Not talking to you directly)

    ....many do to establish a legal footprint for their company to show a sensitivity for attaining and maintaing a diverse workforce and hopefully, avoiding complaints and litigation plus sway federal grants toward the company.

    .... lawyer$ love this environment !

    Many corporations, agencies, and government entities make it part of orientation.  There are lots of legal issues that can arise from discrimination or harassment of any kind.  It's logic we should already know, but employers have a tremendous amount invested in "cover your a**" . 

    Simply working with a group of largely diverse peoples will give you quick diversity training.

    Diversity Training is a method whereby useless people can exacerbate a genuine problem, and then appoint more useless people to deal with it

     In every classifiable group, there will be people of superior capacity, and others less good. In the employment context, some forms of incapacity are worse than others. For instance, a driver with poor hand-to-eye coordination will never be a good driver; a deaf person will never be a good audio-typist; someone with an uncontrollable stutter will never thrive in a call-centre.

    So, you don't give those kinds of people those sorts of jobs. But if Diversity Training raises its hideous head, your get a ready-made grievance, because that person can think of whatever objective quality (race/religion/gender) he has which is least represented within the group from which he has been excluded, and say that it's because of PREJUDICE. That has to be investigated, which takes time and money. Alternatively, the employer can cave in and give him the job, even though he's no good. His colleagues will (of course) know how he got it. They will perhaps also know of someone else who had better potential, but who didn't get it, because it had already been filled by him. They will therefore regard him (rightly) as a passenger. Passengers are excluded from the various arcana and esoterica which belong only to crew. He will (rightly) feel excluded, and (wrongly) feel hard done-by, especially as the quality and quantity of his work comes under frequent interrogation from his supervisor. He will allege PREJUDICE.

    His colleagues will be interviewed, and will mainly say that they don't object to persons of his sort, only to him personally. As it's suicidal to dismiss an entire section of experienced workers for such a reason, and impossible to leave him where he is, the temptation is to create a one-man non-job for him, at a slightly enhanced wage, where he will 'work' alone. This is known as 'kiching upstairs'.

    His erstwhile colleagues will note this, regard it as the operation of prejudice against themselves and in his favour, and come to regard other members of his group (whatever it is) with d disfavour not felt before.

    Da capo.


    First of all, diversity training involves more than race; the premise of the question is incorrect. In order to capitalize on the benefits of diversity by creating an inclusive workplace, diversity training must address other major differences such as age, disabilities, gender, etc. 2.)The purpose of diversity training is not to do someone a favor, e.g., the under-privileged. Training explains how it is in everyone's benefit, especially the company's, to value diversity and capitalize on the advantages it brings. 3.) Diversity training does not create diversity. Diversity training is really addressing how we manage the diversity that is here and growing. There is much more that could be said, but hopefully, this answer will broaden the discussion.

    My diversity training began a very long time ago. I am the living result of all of the worlds diversity training by being born into thousands of families over the entire history of the human family. Look back into your own past, beyond your own birth throughout the biological and personal history of all of your families to Adam and Eve, Andon and Fonta, and even to the first frog. We all have done that and more.  There it all is and you think …..diversity training is needed. Yep….yours, my child.  

     c'mon guys and girls,,to much high filluten gobblygook,,call a spade a spade,,freedom of speech is still supposedly free,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    how can we develop diversity  training that fasters mutual respect

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