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    What is the answer to the riddle Why did the waiter put rubber bands in the soup?

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    3 years ago


    So, Where's the answer ?

    New answer 4/11/2014

    To stretch the soup.

    That's gotta be it.
    Colleen Daren answered this 2 years ago. To make it snappy is the answer. This is a child's joke that elementary school kids tell. We told it when I was a kid. This joke is finished and locked just so you can not keep bringing it up again making me have to move your new answers. Answer questions ONE (1) time only please. You and every other long time member know that.

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    he was asked to make it snappy

    mycatsmom right, Hahahahah. Good one !

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    he was out of noodles?

    mycatsmom good one,. Hhahahahaha.

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    To keep the black-eyed peas together, Fergie.

    itsmee I've always used duct tape for that.

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    because he wanted to be  " rubber band man " !


    mycatsmom or because the customer asked for a little music with his soup ? Get it ? The waiter put a band in there. :-D
    itsmee OK I got it. : )
    mycatsmom or to explain why the soup taste rubbery ? Or to make the soup spring back after it was a few days old ?

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    ....because he wasn't a very good waiter....

    [ anti-joke... ]

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    Maybe the noodles were as tough as rubber bands also. 

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    There are 160 websites devoted to the answer to this riddle.  I looked at several of them, and the answers are, sadly, as lame as ours.  

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    why did he???

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     a customer could mean "a cumstom er " as in a custom is something you have to do. but yet the er does not make sense and it is spelt wrong. 

    Colleen ???
    None of what you typed makes sense and is not relevant to the question.
    itsmee ?
    mycatsmom that's what I used to say.
    lindilou LSD people! I know the signs....rofl 8D

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