What action, if any, should the U.S. take, if N. Korea conducts a missile test, in defiance of Trump's warning?

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    ....if we have the capability, shoot down the missile indicating we mean business

    They should have been dealt with  years ago, even China can't control him now. If he keeps threatening America,Trump will have to distroy his weapons before he has the capability to attack America with them. Trump has shown in the last week how he's prepared to deal with aggressors . Little fat boy might be the next.

    Just kidding, I'm sure it deserves just a slap on the wrist!



    A slap on the wrist?? That guy is a nut case!

    OK, NUKE EM!!
    It's a way off from me for now.

    Don't get your kilt in an uproar! He is a menace and missiles can go anywhere! Peace to you!

    Give him a few more cakes and burgers, he might self distruct, with a bit of luck.

    Duck and cover!

    Hire James Bond!

    Spray him in the face the same way he got it for his half brother.....


    Softly softly is the best way to go,,all guns should be cocked and loaded without the finger on the trigger.i believe we have the capability via star wars to knock out this idiots rockets,and there is no telling which way china will jump,,and there is one other stat that is worth noteing,we are well overdue for a world war..and all it takes is a megalomaniac idiot like the one in north Korea,and honestly we kill enough people in just our daily lives without going all out..however we should be ready to defend ourselves,,let us hope it does not come to that,i am very much in favour of one bullet gets you one dead idiot..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..  


    I agree Terry, with all the technology there is these days, they should be able to bump off crazy people like the fat boy and Assad without any problems . They could make so much difference by taking that step.
    terryfossil 1

    TU Sunny..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Are you two condoning assassination?

    Now there's an idea Roy, give the spoilt fat boy a jam doughnut full of explosive, one excited bite and booooom, no more fat boy.
    Anymore ideas.
    terryfossil 1

    @ Roy,If knocking over one idiot is going to save thousands,would not you go for it..after all thousands died in the japan bombing to save a hell of a lot more..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    I'm all for it mate, can't see why it's a problem for the people who can.
    terryfossil 1

    @ Roy,well there you go mate,we may not agree on music,but we do agree on warfare..who said you were not easy to get on with,all i gotta do is agree with you and everything is rosey..:):):)>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Even though you both have funny accents. Just a little joke, I know, we talk odd English in Essex too.
    terryfossil 1

    Sunny,AKA is a great place for multiculturlism ,i hope that is a real word. either way i reckon you know what i mean...>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Fortunately the test failed, they are two unpredictable leaders, nobody wins in a nuclear war, witch may happen if these two fools have their way.


    The only way for peace is for North Korea to launch a missle toward USA. It will be quickly shot down by our defense system . Then the real death and destruction will begin for them. That will be the only way to end the problem. Don't need to use nuclear weapons. Just eliminate the decision makers in a few quick swift pinpoint targeted bombs.

    Trump is not a fool, Kent. Of course, if you had your way, the only ones with weapons would be the belligerent, aggressive people and nations, because they wouldn't honor dsarmament. Where would you turn for help when the bogie man put Oz in his sites?
    terryfossil 1

    Stupid as it sounds,the only way to get peace is if everyone has nuclear possibilities,then everyone is scared to be the first to fire,,BUT THEN an unhinged idiot would bury himself underground and press the the question becomes,which country has the biggest unhinged idiot..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Well said Terry, at least you don't have your head in the sand..

    Terry, if you are implying President Trump is an unhinged idiot, I take exception to that as well. If you aren't getting your news responsibly, which is a magnificent chore, it would behoove you both to consider what is fact and what is propoganda disguised as such.
    terryfossil 1

    C'mon Bob,i was a Trump supporter before most Americans were..i am the guy who said it would be good to have a non politian run a country..We have a red head in Aussie that has very similar ideas as trump,she will get my vote at this stage..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    The test failed for them because the U S might have a weapon that might detect a missle launch and fire an I R charged particle wave to disrupt electronics on missle. But we will never know for sure will we. I wonder how many U S naval supply ships are in the pacific ready to go at a moments notice.

    Destroy the missle, if possible. Launch 590 missles into N.K. missle/nuclear bases. 

    The U.S. has conducted many missle tests, and even has tested the big one in Arizona many years why shouldn't other countries ? Telling them they shouldn't is like the pot calling the kettle black.


    Missile tests are one thing but threatening other countries with missile takes it to another level.

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