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    what is the best face cream for women over 55

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    3 years ago
    mungo Plaster of paris!

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    Clean your skin gently with Witch hazel on a clean cloth or a piece of cotton. Then use something like Oil of Olay. One of the best things I ever used on my face was a scar cream! It gave me the BEST SKIN I have ever had since I was 40!

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    hector5559 Course,or Fine,?????
    nomdeplume Depends on the depth of the wrinkles, Hector.

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    How interesting to see so many "Oil of Olay" answers.  
    Oil of Olay and Olive Oil are two excellent products.  
    Believe it or not, AVON has some excellent products for skin, too.  

    itsmee I sold Avon when my daughter was little - about three. We went door to door smelling like Roses Roses. (They don’t have that anymore.)
    I’m still looking for a reasonably priced rose fragrance. I never made any money selling Avon. I bought it and actually went in the hole.
    I’d like to know where to buy Avon - still love it.

    Yes, It is interesting to see how many people like Oil of Olay. It’s good. We know our stuff.
    Bob/PKB My aunt has been an Avon lady for a very long time and I would appreciate you considering her for your supplier. She also sells Watkins products, which are superior! I will email you her name and phone number.

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    i use oil of olay but with prices being what they are, it's olive oil for me.

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    Hey hereiam,

    for the night, I recommend the following: simply spread a few drops of extra virgin olive oil over your face, massaging gently. It isn't only cheaper than most cosmetic products, but also leaves your skin feeling warm, relaxed and smooth. Supposedly, you can alternatively use coconut oil, but I have no experiences with that. I love the olive oil.

    For the day I prefer something light and hydrating, non-oily: cream based on aloe vera or cucumber, without any derivatives of mineral oil.


    itsmee old hippy suggests olive oil for your feet. spread it on while you sleep and then put socks over it all
    Papitou Let's make a deal: you try it on your face and I try it on my feet?

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    i use oil of olay but with prices being what they are, it's olive oil for me.

    itsmee I have no idea why I wrote “olive oil.” It was two years ago and I must have typed in my sleep. I use olive oil on my salads - never on my face.

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    Oil of olay pro RX... USe an alfa hydroxy product.

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    Aiyahhhh.... come on-lahhhh! Olive oil will clog the minute pores of the face. Do not lie or u can be sued. Where is your conscience? She is going to end up with huge blocked pores erupting into unsightly pimples.

    Papitou Dear howit, Olive oil does NOT clog the pores. I have been using it for quite a while now, and my skin has been perfect ever since.

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    You are under the impression all women over 55, have the same problems with their skin. WRONG...

    You can buy some high end products, but you don't have to. First, make sure your skin is clean, shielded from the sun.

    Loreal and Oil of Olay, have some great products. Determine you skin type. Are you dry, oily or do you have a combination? It doesn't matter if you are young or old, the skin needs moisture and protection from the sun. Go to CVS, they have a wide range of body care products and the ladies working that department are trained to assist you. Drink your water and slow down on other beverages, that have no nutrional value.

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