Best weight loss pills on the market for Men?

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    Eat less and sport more is the best way to lose weight.

    Jack,forget about weight loss pills,they are a scam to take your money,,you can look at diets if you wish,but there is a reason there are a million diets in the world,most of them are useless,,i will give it to you simple..if you put a thousand calories in your mouth per day and only burn up 500 calories per day,,you are gonna put on a lot of weight over eat good food in proper portions,and do an amount of exercise that is is not rocket science my friend,however if you have a medical condition for your weight,that is an entirely different kettle of fish.and you should talk to a doctor..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..but if this is just an advertising gig for you and your friend conno456,then forget what i said,,


    Just eat a smaller kettle of fish.

    It's not a good idea for men or women to take weight loss pills . Some people have died from taking Phen-Phen, which I think was removed from the market. Just exercise more and stop eating fattening anything deep fried or white colored foods. And stop eating sugary foods.

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