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    dysmoemgjiahna please re arrange this word to correct

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    siddharth cool HANG JIM SOMEDAY ......this can be d answer

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    Using 11 of 14 letters, the unscrambler came up with - HEMANGIOMAS

    mycatsmom Chuck Mangioma
    There's actually a website that does it for ya ? Isn't that cheating ? And Where's the fun in doing that ?
    Colleen I'm not playing the game, I just find answers.
    itsmee In the old days they called that unscramble thing, Parlor Games. Over coffee some evening you could totally amaze your friends if they wanted to play the game. just kinda mess with your keyboard while they were working at unscrambling (Of course, you would have found the answer immediately) Nobody is cheating ... it's called PLAYING.

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    Here's my answer......... Pirhanna Fish are dysfunctional ......  ;-)

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