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    I've never been called to jury duty and know nothing about it. My daughter has three children under 8. Each child goes to a different school. She thinks that she will be selected for jury duty. Do they take stay-at-home moms?

    jury duty

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    5 months ago

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    robert grist
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    I have been called for jury duty but never choosen. I doubt that a letter from my case workers at Mental Health would help. Maybe I smile too much or my cheerful happy greeting gives them some unintended impression. If I had children at home to takecare of, I would certainly take them with me to court so they could observe such proceedings. rather than hiring a baby sitter as the court should have facilities for children also pets at home need care and attention. Of course children and pets can be attended to by others for a reasonable price that the court should be obliged to pay. Also parking permits, transportation cost, lost wadges from work, even household work and all those tasks you may normally do like taking a meal to yor mother at 3pm...doing laundry 3 days a week and all the other little tasks you normally do in a week listed as a work schedule for your replacement while on jury duty. So being on jury duty would be like going on vacation for a hard working woman at home most is work, and jourers are usually paid to serve ; the help judge.           

    ROMOS Hardly worth it huh?
    Colleen It's your civic duty they say. I suppose the $40/day you get is a bonus for housewives but not for working women.
    itsmee Robert, your comments were great and they were funny. I'll share them with my daughter. Oh, I do like your other face. Make Orange juice, man. : )

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    Yes, but she can go and then make an attempt to explain that it is a hardship based upon those facts, they may let her go home. 

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    ....the notice should outline the exemptions and options.

    itsmee It may have. We haven't spoken lately. Don't know why. : (

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    I get called all of the time but get excused. Yes, you daughter in law can be called for jury duty…...

    mycatsmom jh, does you Dr. have to write you an excuse, then sign it ?
    jhharlan He does or sends his assistant to go tell them I can’t make it…...
    itsmee Julie, she's my daughter and she lives around the corner. : )

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    My state selects possible jurors from driver liscenses. Then you reciceve a quetionaire to answer possible concerns. You can request  to be relieved of duty. After that you get a phone number or web site to see if your group has been chosen. Then you know if you must go. After 40 some years I have filled out 2 question things but never been called. Also after 70 years old a person is exempt.  This is in Michigan.

    mycatsmom Good. I got 5 more years to go . I wouldn't mind jury duty here in my town, but not downtown Det., b/c I don't know my way around there, and where to park, and it heard it's expensive to park; and then there's the crime element....especially in the parking structure.

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