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    What does a "full stop" mean?

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    11 months ago

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    Let me see, when they came up with the name for what you should do, they wanted a name which left no confusion, thus they named it FULL STOP!  Now what is it that you do not get about that?

    DonDowningJr I get it, do you get it? 3 seconds would be overwhelmingly a full stop with no question about it. :)
    My spell check is down so I may not spell everything correctly. :(
    bustieone Sorry to be so harsh, Don...

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    Opposite of a California stop. ;) 

    Stopping at at stop sign or stop light, no movement to the tires and look both ways or wait for green before proceeding. 

    DonDowningJr 3 seconds!
    Colleen Not even 3 seconds, I don't believe their tires even stop moving.

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