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    LOCATION: Hospital, Outpatient

    PATIENT: Dan Diel

    ORDERING PHYSICIAN: Daniel G. Olanka, MD


    RADIOLOGIST: Morton Monson, MD


    EXAMINATION: Gallbladder ultrasound.

    CLINICAL SYMPTOMS: Increased bilirubin.

    GALLBLADDER ULTRASOUND: Examination was technically difficult with some limitations due to overlying leads. Large right pleural effusion identified. Gallbladder is visualized. No obvious gallstones or gallbladder wall thickening. Only short portions of the common hepatic duct and common bile duct are visualized. Common hepatic duct measures 3.6 mm, and common bile duct measures 5.2 mm. These values are within normal limits. There is limited assessment of the liver, which is grossly unremarkable.

    IMPRESSION: Gallbladder ultrasound with limitations as discussed above. Grossly unremarkable sonographic appearance of the gallbladder. No obvious dilatation of the common duct. Large right pleural effusion identified.

    What subsection is reviewed for the CPT code?

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    1 year ago

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    This is akaQA, we are a worldwide Q & A forum, you are contacting the wrong site.

    Vinny That's scary-- i don't like it when doctors screw up. They're not human, not s'posed to screw up.
    mycatsmom The Dr. didn't screw it up . He said the patient has a large, R. pleural effusion....which could mean pneumonia. He said the gall bladder was fine.
    Vinny Well lets get this patient to a doctor! It's our job! Save lives, correct doctor inaccuracies, change the political system, mend pipes and fix broken radiators and cameras. Not to mention patch up broken hearts.

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    ....Caution : you sent this information worldwide.

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    What is the prognoses,?

    mycatsmom a large R plueral effusion which usually means pneumonia. Gall bladder is fine.

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