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    Do frogs fart?

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    Tommyh Now here is the best question ever!!
    lambshank how on earth do you know that O wise skirted one
    Ducky @lambie...He has strange pets.
    ROMOS Read my comments to Tom O sheepy one.
    itsmee ROMOS: I like that “sheepy one”

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    Only if you feed them cheese.They're lactose intolerant.It ain't easy being green.

    ROMOS Have you ever experienced a serious "FROG FART"?
    Tommyh It must be all that swamp gas they swallow.No can't say I have.but it's not the kind of thing that I would pay attention to anyway.
    ROMOS I had a little frog "hobby" when I was a kid,believe me, they F****** Stink...
    Ducky I've always loved uplifting discussions.
    ROMOS It happens when you're sitting down.
    Ducky LOL!
    Spaceghost I love that answer LOL !!!
    Ducky Spaceghost...don't encourage him! :)

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    Cat farts are worse-- FYI, Turtles breath through their butts.

    Ducky TMI
    itsmee LOL ,,, My cat wouldn’t dream of farting! Noooo way, jose! My friend’s turtle died. I got her a brand new one when she graduated from college (Very late graduation) Anyway, I found out that she was glad her old turtle had died and she definitely did not appreciate my gift. The dern turtle probably was a heavy breather and kept her awake nights. This is information we must know. Ducky thinks it’s TMI. Ha. : D
    Vinny See that's why so many turtles die in human hands. People don't know that when your pet turtle needs CPR, you don't put his head in your mouth, you put his butt in your mouth and execute CPR. people don't know that! LOL!
    mycatsmom turtles have nostrils and cats hardly ever fart. I read that in a cat book, and i've rarely smelled farts around my cats.
    itsmee Vinny, I opened up my lap top and there you were with your “educational’ comment about turtles. If I ever come across someone with a dying turtle, I will pass pass along your comment about CPR on turtles. My friend’s pet turtle, Esmerelda, might be alive now if she’d known how to do it. LOL You funny, man!
    Vinny See, I told you so.. And whats funnier is you looked it up!! HA!!!
    itsmee @@ <-- i had to! (those are my eyes)

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    Frogs do fart under water; it relieves air pressure inside their bodies to help control buoyancy. Thank You!

    From ChaCha


    Ducky Thank you ChaCha.
    figtree3 Take a bow!
    Who is Cha Cha?

    ROMOS Let's dance!
    itsmee How did Cha Cha know that frogs fart under water? Yes, thank you, Cha Cha and jh.

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    I have kept frogs and bred frogs and never, not one single time have I ever witnessed a frog farting but Julie has now informed us that they, in fact do.  You learn something new every day. 

    Thank you Julie and Cha Cha Cha to you as well!

    Shootah Have you ever smelled moth balls?
    FISH-O Ha Ha! Cha Cha Cha!
    itsmee fishlet, you are funny. You BRED frogs? Oh why did you do that?
    FISH-O Itsmee; I love frogs. Breeding them is interesting, raising the young is really interesting and frogs are very cool.

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    So that’s where all that swamp gas comes from!

    FISH-O Who knew?! Right?!
    robertgrist mmmm…will 250 frogs produce enough gas to run a car for a while?
    FISH-O Now you are thinking!!
    itsmee Fishlette, were you trying to fill up your car? Is that why you bred frogs?
    FISH-O It's all Robert's fault!
    itsmee Robert probably secretly raises frogs. He probably has 250 of them, Just think, his partner thought they were having chicken legs ... it was FROG legs.
    My dad wrote stories for the Jumping Frog Jubilee in Angels Camp. CA. That’s when I became somewhat acquainted with froggies.
    robertgrist Yes, I do raise frogs. This year I have tree frogs and toads. the tree frogs and toads are very beneficial to our environment here and I like their songs all summer. I have two tanks for tadpoles and several damp hollers to await slugs, snails, spiders, bugs and such. My dense flower beds harbor frogs and the frogs keep the bugs and grubs under control.
    FISH-O Very cool Robert. I like your thinking!
    itsmee Robert ... Uh, I must have ESP! You and our Fishlet could charge money for lectures on frogs.

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    Yes, they do...and quite robustly! Their farts have also been known for their euphoric and mildly sedating effects when inhaled by some cultures around the world. Recently it has been discovered that teenagers keeping pet frogs, have been keeping them just for that purpose. You know who they are the moment you see them...hard to overlook the little frog footprints on their faces! LOL!

    figtree3 Haha...what would they do, blame a lizard?!
    itsmee Shootah ... Hmmm? Robust, Euphoric Frog Farts. Could that be the name of a rock ’n roll band? I guess not but that is fascinating information.

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    Lady frogs only fart while in the water,

    Ducky Excuse me hector. Lady frogs do not fart at all!
    figtree3 Well, I do believe that a female invented the bubble bath :)
    Ducky Hmmmm...
    itsmee hector, Ducky and figtree Comedy Minute! Clap clap clap and uh cha cha cha.
    sunnyB My wife doe's it every time she walks.
    mycatsmom maybe the farts propel them along in the water ;-)
    hector5559 Thats why they are faster then male frogs then,
    itsmee Hector and mycatsmom: You people have me laughing again. Farting frogs must be my tickle spot. ha ha uh ha ha ha.

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    Spaceghost Whew !!! That felt GOOD !!!
    itsmee Big, scary, green, and stinky. But, never the less, thank you, Spaceghost. Where did you go. We miss you.
    itsmee ty for the movie, spaceghost

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    ....rib-it...rib-it...pruuuup...ribi-it....snif...snif....PU !

    ....Ben, is that you ?....rib-it .

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    Only male frogs do. Just like humans.

    itsmee Very true, I am quite sure. Thank you for alerting us to that info, digger. : )
    robertgrist A biologist friend discovered a species of frogs in which the female frogs croak. She told me it was the only known line of amphibians in which females call mates….and then there are snakes, like garter snakes that attract males with their scent during their season.

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    They certainly do, but no creature on earth can rip em off like my brother in law.

    hector5559 I bet the people duck when he goes for a walk,
    hector5559 must seem like machine gun ally,
    sunnyB You are right there Dennis, in fact it's worse than that. lol.

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    So, girls, if you kiss a frog hoping it will turn into a prince, just make sure you kiss the right end.

    hector5559 It is very hard to tell the diffrents in the dark,so it might be a {dark fart}
    nomdeplume Is a dark fart like dark energy or dark matter?
    In which case it would be undetectable, which is clearly not the case.
    itsmee Anyone care to play a kissing game of Fark Darts?

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    Check here:      

    itsmee Sadly, I am not able to reach those sounds, I love sound and it just ain’t fair. I’m going to have to do the deed myself and let you know at a later date. Their is a frog right out side the office window -- oh, never mind that I’m slightly afraid of frogs. Aren’t you?? CROAK CROAK
    Bob/PKB This summer, I have had a couple of those little small frogs that are brownish with a bit of black living in some of my plant pots. Sometimes they fall into my sister's pool. I have learned to handle them enough to rescue them, but the larger, toad-like, no, no.
    itsmee Those “large, toad-like frogs” are alright with me. You’re wise to not pick them up. They have large, sharp teeth, yanno? They can rip your hand with them teefers. I lie, of course. : D
    Bob/PKB OMG, you had me going, itsmee! :D

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    I believe I have read that teens get high from licking a frog ... or is that a toad? Or is that an urban myth?  

    itsmee I told you guys, I was waaaaay behind.
    itsmee No one will ever read this comment. Just think, I could say anything.
    robertgrist Frog lickers are Aussies & lots of weird thing go on down under.
    Colleen Urban myth.
    jhharlan I read your comments, @itsmee!

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