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    do women still want sex after 50

    do women still want sex after 50

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    1 year ago
    itsmee Goodness, at 50 I even gave up lemon meringue pie.
    Why do you ask? : )

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    Hope so, mine is over 50! 

    itsmee Over 50 the we start to wonder do we still want to chew taffy.
    bustieone Itsmee, Want to or are able to? No matter, we cannot...
    itsmee Yes, you do have a point there. : )

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    Read the links here  >

    hector5559 It will make my eyes go funny,
    ROMOS Not just your eyes Den.

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    Of Course!  By then men or other women have learned the fine art of pleasuring!

    Deleted User
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    Sure we do...we are just more seems..perhaps not willing to waste time on casual sex..its too dangerous anyway...

    Looking for 'the one'...and sex becomes to Im waiting for 'the one' that I think might be right for me...then I can have all the sex I want...and perhaps will make up for lost time as well.

    What the other poster said is true....if the sex is not satisfying for the woman..she will get bored..or feel used..

    read a book..learn guys...see what rocks her world...see what makes her tick..

    That should be your first some books..and learn how the female body works...

    A woman gets turned on differently than a man...shes more mental..the man is more visual...
    Asked my heterosexual friends ekkkk

    millie111 Yeah...double ekkk!:-)
    lindilou ...we're a sad sick bunch...I'm thinkin' of leaping the fence...Bwah!
    Tommyh Great answer Wonder.
    How's the earache?
    Deleted User On new antibiotics see how they go.. Ts all red today :(
    millie111 I hope you are better soon wd! XxMills
    Deleted User Thanks Millie so
    itsmee lindilou: Take my hand. We’ll leap the fence together....Bwah!!! : D

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    They better because at over 60, I'm still hot to trot!! I don't want to go to jail for robbing the cradle.

    DonDowningJr What about womanslaughter?
    itsmee “hot to trot” Hmmmmm? I have a vision of a young man trotting down the lane but I never know where in the blue sky he’s heading for.
    Vinny itsmee---- your house..

    Still rollin’
    i hear him knockin’
    Still rockin'
    Shall I let him in?

    country bumpkin
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    I'll let you know in 4 years.

    Tommyh That'll be jan.14 2017.
    I'm gunna mark my calendar.LOL
    country bumpkin LOL....I'll mark mine also.
    millie111 Funny Tommy:-)..Very funny!..(The amount of "SHARING"going on on here,no doubt you`ll keep us posted!;-)
    millie111 cb..Do you mind if I just cross that day out on mine:-? Somethings I`d rather not know!;-)
    Ducky Too much information millie? lol
    millie111 Yeah too much info for this old prude!;-)
    country bumpkin LOL Ladies!

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    Speaking for myself at 60, YES. 

    itsmee itsmee’s answer has been self deleted.
    DonDowningJr I believe most of us want sex!
    mycatsmom Don, not true. A lot of women over 60 have closed up shop in that dept.
    DonDowningJr That's awful!
    Bob/PKB It's a personal choice. I still have hopes for a loving partner in my life, though it's getting more depressing with every passing day. :D :O
    DonDowningJr Please try not to be depressed. There are "loving partners" that can hardly wait to meet you.

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    Studies have shown that we humans have a penchant for sex pretty much until the day we pass away!! Even into our 90s!! Of course this desire varies from individual to individual however where long term committed couples are concerned sexual desire and satiation continues throughout our lives.

    millie111 lol...You guys just crack me up..90`s..I`m outta here!:-z
    doolittle what's wrong with having a pool boy after 90?? ;)

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    The age isn't as important as the appeal of the ( potential) partner

    mycatsmom Lamb, that's basically what I said in my post.Scroll down and see it. GMTA
    itsmee I would give you an A plus for your answer if I could. I want to be in on this GMTA train with you and mycatsmom. : )

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    Some do, some don't. You are better off just keeping this question between you and your partner or future partner. 

    millie111 Yes eeekkk!;-)

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    Do you mean "Do women (Or a woman) over 50 want to have sex with YOU?

    Well here's the truth matey, It's all up to you.

    The way you approach the situation is all important.

    If your idea of foreplay is tackling her in the middle of the lounge room,forget it.

    That's a little crude but you can catch my drift.

    There are books out there & plenty of info on the net.Get into it.

    millie111 Oh those books!..The name of the author escapes me:-Z...?Umbriel somebody?!;-)lol!
    bustieone Is the "lounge" in your house, or is it a nightclub? Just kidding, I know that you Aussies call the den, or living room, the lounge. In fact, isn't that where you have "tea" sometimes (a meal to us).. LOL, Tommy
    Tommyh @Millie I wouldn't put any confidence in Umbriel's techniques.
    @Bustione..hasn't been a cup of tea in my house in living memory.hate the stuff.
    mycatsmom millie, Umbriel went bye-bye
    Tommyh @MCM We know.We're still celebrating.:)
    millie111 Yep still celebrating!:-)...(Just so long as he`s not lurking too near London..and Oxford is a bit too near for my liking)!:-(
    Tommyh Oh cripes! I hope he hasn't Immigrated!
    millie111 Thailand`s always a possibility Tommy!:-Z...Though I wouldn`t wish him on anyone!:-0..If I see him round town..I`ll tell him that you were asking after him!:-)
    bustieone Tommy, when we visited relatives, they would refer to "supper" as "tea", and we were a bit confused, because, we didn't want tea at all! But being hungry, we were on for anything that the term "tea" meant.
    Tommyh @Bustione. Tea is a very wide ranging term.It has many meanings as you point out,all relating to food.You just need to be aware of the time of day to understand what is is being discussed.The most common tho is Dinner or as you say supper.(The evening meal).Dinner on the other hand can mean the evening meal & in some cases lunch.Bloody confusing isn't it? That's Australia!
    Tommyh @Millie. Even Thailand is too bloody close for my liking.LOL
    bustieone Yeah, Tom, confusing. As long as there is good beer served with anything, they can call it whatever they want!
    Tommyh Good beer is something we do have plenty of.Sadly not for me tho.I took the pledge 10 years ago.:)

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    it depends on who I'd  have to have sex with. If it's George Clooney, then Yes ! 

    itsmee Another A plus girl!
    mycatsmom Itsmee, We're on the same page....literally.

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    ""i'll let you know after I've had 42 more. What? I had kids before the octuplets? Sorry, I lost count!

    millie111 Hey Clonge..this is the woman who is allegedly blaming her offspring for turning her into an alcoholic isn`t it:-?...How many kids altogether?..?13/14 :-0
    doolittle LOL= 10 bucks she got snockered the day she found out she was having a litter!
    millie111 @doo..I think she thought that the kids would"pay for themselves"..By that I mean..all the publicity,donations,interviews etc etc:-(Who knows)?..But there were reports that her parents had to sell up to fund them all and that the older kids turned against her and that she worked in porno films and turned to drink...but that`s just hearsay and if so may have been part of mental health maybe I`m being too harsh on the woman:-?...Her Mother was quoted as saying that she just loved kids..but that she,(The Mother),wished that her daughter had become a teacher:-¬..I feel sorry for the kids and the people who pay their taxes to fund this madness!...It is unfair on everyone (IMHO)..bring more kids into the world than you can afford to raise..but as I say that`s just my opinion:-0

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    C'mon Granny, get yer Gun!

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    some time


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    my granny does lol

    DonDowningJr Your granny?

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    What has age got to do with it ? It would depend on the individual.Some women might have a high sex drive, and some don't.

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    I think so ''Yes'' but actually some only.

    Naimaramanitoga ''OLD is GOLD''..hahah...a

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    Depends on how much sex a person had before they were 50., because to much sex, can make you go blind.

    itsmee Too much sex can make you go bald.

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    yes they do

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