how do i store anything on the sd card for an lg optimus l3 e400 cell phone

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    Firstly, this phone is quite similar to samsung tab where we have 3 types of storage.
    1. Phone memory (ard 300 MB)
    2. Internal memory (1 GB)
    3. External Storage (your 8 GB storage)

    If other device have the function of "Move to SD" this device farthest only able to "Move to internal memory". In other words, you can only install 1 GB worth of apps. The external storage that you have can be seen /mnt/sdcard/_ExternalSD and able to set as default for your camera, video, songs or documents. Basically your external SD card function as your file storage not application.

    Some applications even didn't allow you to move to internal memory such as widget. However, you can force move those applications if you are able to root your device and install Link2SD afterwards. That is what i know, kindly correct me if i am wrong

    There is a way to transfer large application data directories to external_sd. It is so called bind directories located on external_sd to directories on internal memory. For example when i install GPS program, it will automatically create folder at my internal memory and filled it with files. Since i download large big size offline map (ard 300 MB), if i put in the folder, it alone already consume 30% of 1 GB, so i use this Directory Bind application and transfer files to my external SD Card. By using this way, the program will read the files in the external Sd instead of in internal memory. Using this application also require superuser permission / rooting the device.
    Take a look on the following link [TOOL] DirectoryBind - move data to external_sd (GameLoft, Shadowgun etc.) ROOT req. - xda-developers

    Oh by the way, this device is not a high-end product, in fact it is an entry level android phone, thus can't be compared to the almighty iPhone Perhaps can consider Samsung S3 Cheers

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