in what country are long tractors made

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    Long Agribusiness, LLC, or LongAgri, was founded in 1941 in Tarboro, North Carolina, USA by William "Bill" R. Long. It built only a few tractors itself before it started importing BMC and BMC Nuffield tractors under the Long brand. It later imported tractors manufactured in Italy by Massey Ferguson/Landini, as well as Romanian-built Universal (UTB) tractors (beginning in 1971). The Universal UTB's provided the bulk of their line-up. IN 1997, they began importing Farmtracs from India, and in 1999, LongAgri began importing tractors from LG Tractors in South Korea under the LandTrac brand. They also manufactured and/or imported implements, combine harvesters and grain bins.

    LongAgri had purchased a portion of Universal (UTB). By the 1980s, the company was struggling. Alvarez & Marcell, Inc took over the company to turn it around. In 1998, Escorts Group of India purchased 49% of the company and began importing Farmtrac tractors under the LongAgri banner. In 2002, Escorts made the agreement to purchased the remaining 51% of the company. It was eventually renamed Farmtrac N.A.. The LandTrac line merged in under the Farmtrac banner, but the LongTrac Universal (UTB) line remained. Farmtrac N.A. went bankrupt in 2008, and the inventory was purchased by Montana Tractors.


    In other words, U.S.A?

    Sold in the USA, seems their "made" in lots of places.

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