diagram for 2001 L200 saturn rear brakes

    where can i get the diagram for the rear brake shoes on 2001 saturn l200

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    I have information from my '02 L300, but I don't know if it applies to your '01 L200. Maybe it will help, though.

    1. Release park brake.
    2. Raise vehicle on hoist.
    3. Remove rear wheel and tire assembly.
    4. Remove brake drum retaining screw. NOTICE: Do not pry against brake backing plate. This will bend plate.
    5. Remove rear drum. IMPORTANT: If difficulty is encountered removing drum, the following steps apply.
    5.1 Insert a screwdriver into the access hole and push the park brake lever toward the outside of the drum to release shoes from adjuster. (The diagram shows an access hole on the backing plate.)
    5.2 Remove brake drum.

    Hope that is helpful.

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