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    how do i jailbreak my zte990g

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    Sorry, I can not find a zte990g on the internet. Call your cellphone service provider. I believe you have to pay for the upgrade. 

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    As Colleen said, I could not find a phone model called ZTE990G from online. Anyway, what is the problem with your ZTE phone.? Jailbreak is a term used only on Apple devices. ZTE model phones does not require a jailbreak.

    If  you find problem in adding third party apps to your mobile phone, Try turning off the antivirus and install again. You may be successful.

    Or, If you need to change the network in your ZTE device, You need to enter it's unique unlock code and unlock it from network restriction. You can visit and get the unlock code for your ZTE mobile phone at affordable cost with easy unlocking guide.

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