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    what is a Keselim

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    For the sake of information, I found that a dibbuk/dybbuk in Jewish folklore/mythology/teaching/whatever is a misplaced spirit that can neither rise to Heaven nor descend into Hell, essentially stuck in Limbo or purgatory. Here's another definition I found: 1. (Jewish folklore) a demon that enters the body of a living person and controls that body's behavior. Synonyms: dybbuk. 2. Evil Spirits, that cause mental illness, rage and changes of personality. The spirit or soul of a dead person that inhabits the body of a living one, with sometimes evil, sometimes positive results.

    If you believe in paranormal phenomena, the box contains or is possessed by at least one dibbuk, possibly two, as the grandmother stated: a dibbuk, and a keslim. Keselim is a term similar to a turkish word that means "priest."

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    The Dybbuk Box, as far as I can tell is currently owned by a man named Jason Haxton in Kirksville, Missouri. He does not arrange for showings of the box. Information can be found here:

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    Aloha, please look me up on facebook. Michael David Cilantro. Any infoirmation you have leading to the whare abouts of the Dybbuk box would be greatly appreciated. It is vital That I am to take the box. I am not interested in your story behind the box or who owned the box. I am not going to buy the box. I need you to contact me ASAP if you know the whare abouts of this box or have any information as to who owns it. Its very Important that some one comes fourth and contacts me about this box. I can however pay for the shipping cost but its vital that I do not involve money in the recieving of this box. I hope you understand what you have needs to be taken with great caution and that it is neccaassary that we talk.

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