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    You have the choice to live with a gorilla who knows sign language or a dog who sings lullabies, which do you choose?

    I would quite like both.

    What about you?

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    2 years ago

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     Best answer!

    I would choose a DOG.Reason I  live with a female "gorilla and know her  sign language very well.She goes "APE if  I do something wrong I live a dogs life !! I also sing for my supper.

    Beowulf8 givin you this BA early on, best laugh I've had in a while.

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    This guy can do it but I think I'd need a bigger house.


    mycatsmom that's a face only a mother could love

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    Both.  The gorilla could keep Carl the Alien company and the dog could teach my dogs to sing as they already know how to dance!

    Beowulf8 would Carl be OK with Farquar? He's a big boy.
    singin and dancin dogs seems quite appealing, eh?
    FISH-O Carl is very easy going. He loves singing and dancing dogs, tuna casserole and spas.

    country bumpkin
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    I can't decide. A little bit of both would be nice..

    ROMOS Got the combination perfectly CB, does he sign and sing?
    Dardaigh Too weird for words! LOL :)
    country bumpkin He is multi talented. One of his favorite things to do is fetch bananas!
    Dardaigh That would definitely come in handy.
    Beowulf8 wow!!! singing and signing all in one!
    Bob/PKB Very strange concoction. Well done,
    Dollybird This pic has put me of the idea all togeather.

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    How about a cat that cooks and brings home a pay check.

    Beowulf8 dont ever count on a cat,sometime they don't come home for days.
    Dollybird Guess you mean, tom -cats Beowulf8, females usually stay at home.
    daren1 thats cause our cats working overtime..
    millie111 I`d be rolling in it!!! LOL!;-0
    millie111 I`d be rolling in it!!! LOL!;-0

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    I couldn't pick the gorilla, he'd be too big and scary size-wise, more like this...""-




    Beowulf8 is it singing the kitten to sleep?
    Dardaigh Yes, the kitten is thanking the canine for the lullaby.

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    Where do you get your questions from? I don't know sign language so the gorilla would be quite lonely. I don't sleep to lullabies, they bore me. Can't answer this question.....

    Beowulf8 you could learn sign language and adopt the gorilla and the dogs singing would lull you to sleep.
    And you did answer the question,thankyou.

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    I'd take the dog! Cheaper to feed and he could sing for his supper!

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    The Gorilla for sure, very intelligent and I'm O.K with sign language, it could collect all the fruit and I'm sure it would be easier to teach it to cook than a dog

    Beowulf8 the dog could sing you to sleep after that big meal.
    lambshank Hope he sings better than the dog next door!!!

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    You can keep the gorilla, I take the dog.

    ROMOS No likey gorillas Ann?

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    If I can switch the gorilla for an Orang then I'm pretty stoked about these two sweeties!!!


    Dollybird I have changed my mind again after seen this pic, I would have both.
    lindilou I know!! How sweet does it hafta get??? Man they's cutes!!! ;D
    mycatsmom do orangatans bite ?
    lindilou I've only handled baby Orangs and they were stronger than a man at just 3 months old...they sat in my lap and fought over a baby bottle full of chocolate milk!! I could do nothing but sit back and enjoy the buddy Zookeeper dude had to come and sort of rescue me though I was in no immediate danger...I imagine they might bite given the right circumstances...they do show their teeth a lot!! ;D

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    ....the one that cooks !

    ROMOS That would probably be the kangaroo,good for tossing the pancakes.
    Beowulf8 kangaroos make great pancakes, they also do my eggs in the mornings......scrambled of course

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    Which one is toilet trained?

    Dardaigh Funny!

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    no contest there...........the dog is way better.

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    How about a god that can actually do what all of his followers say that he can ? Now, THAT would be impressive !

    Beowulf8 nope, the choice is the gorilla or the dog, thanks for answering tho.
    digger In that case,I pick the dog. Poop 'n scooping Gorilla doodoo would be too strenuous on my back.
    ROMOS If he understood your signing you could tell him to do it himself digger, you never know!
    digger Never f... with a Gorilla.

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    A dog that sings the blues and sad jazz ballads!""

    Beowulf8 sad face,he'd be perfect for "singin the blues"
    whovin You're welcome beowulf8
    whovin Thank you lindilou:) a real hoot I needed a good laugh!!
    lindilou Dogs are funny people whovin...I 'get' them!! ;D
    Deleted User I just love Weimas :) will put mine doing sign below LOL
    whovin I use to have pet dogs but my M.S makes it impossible to properly care for the little friends with the big hearts I miss them!!
    whovin You're welcome Melandrupert:)
    lindilou Sounds like you could use a service dog whovin! They look after you!! Check it out in your area'll be surprised at what some of these dogs are trained to do!!
    Deleted User Whovin I have MS and a few other things I got a weimaraner as a companion dog :) they are very one person dogs and if you can get someone to train them they will help you do a lot... :D look in to this because it does make life easier and the coompanionship is terrific.. xo

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    I'll take the dog, thanks, even though I know a bit of sign language. You didn't say what breed of dog, though.  Can I have a dachshund?  

    Beowulf8 if it can sing lullabies, yes.
    Bob/PKB Do lullabies in German sound as sweet?
    Beowulf8 don't know, not German :-)
    Bob/PKB We'll see! :D

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    Definitely the gorilla.  I could walk with him to my neighbor's house and order him to use his sign language, namely a finger, to communicate with my neighbor. I am going to skip the musically-inclined canine.

    Beowulf8 wouldn't you be better with a "BIRD"?....LOL
    Chiangmai No, I would want something that's sign-language specific, i.e., middle finger. A bird would not be able to provide such clarity.
    sunnyB Sounds like yoiu and me have the same neighbour.
    Chiangmai @sunnyB: I kinda thought it was you the other side of his fence. :)

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    Think I would go for the dog, the gorrila might be too much like my mother in law.

    LOG IN
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    Dog would be better!

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    A Gorilla everytime!...Think of the peace n if you can train a monkey to do housework..surely u could a gorilla!!!....:-)Nb...I`ve lived with far worse!!!;-))

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    Oh dear I hope I'm not too late.  Doolittle has both.  The gorilla, Samson, and I have lovely conversations...but he isn't deaf and gets lonely at night so, Poochie-pooh, sings him to sleep.  It's really a nice arrangement!

    digger According to MY dictionary, you're late!
    doolittle but am I too late? LOL. In USA time not Canadian time :) ROFL!
    lindilou Hey!!! If the Newfies can be a half hour late for everything includin' the CBC...then DooLittle gets a free pass!!!
    signed: True Blue Canadian

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    """" BOTH

    LOG IN What do you think your cat(background) is editing !!
    melandrupert LOG IN its my cat he is sitting with hubby and that is his grubby
    LOG IN Of black color!!
    melandrupert Log in for got to mention that its my hubbys grubby (work)jumper and its not black its navy lol :-) x

    Deleted User
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    I don't know. Either one would be cool!

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