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    2 years ago

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    Work..if you can get it these days leads to money!:-¬

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    Work hard, further your studies in your chosen career path, enjoy life, pay bills and taxes like the rest of us and be at peace with what you have

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    I look at the sky and my wallet and say the same daily..

    Try getting a job and start looking on the ground picking up every lost coin, waiting for you to pick it up ...

    I know money will help you buy new panties but be positive it will happen!!

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    Be careful what you wish for.

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    No EVER will never have money if he won't do anything .

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    rob a BANK or steel from someone big bucks bro.,it's easier than work it out...

    ....aa,what I do when i have no money-I sell some drugs and I become happyer(do not sell every day,only when you need some extra bucks-it's safer for you,like that!!!)...

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    ""Here s a few dollars do not spend it all at once!!

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