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    Do people ever change? I mean really change.

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    2 years ago
    shanej What's up? How are you today,Don?
    lindilou I had to change into a mommy animal after years of being a party animal...if I can change...anyone can. Eeeeehaw! Now where are those kids o' mine!! ;)
    lindilou Thanks? Don ! I think?
    Shootah Good question!

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     Best answer! desire change implies that there is discomfort with the way things are, with the way one is or perhaps the way another is. At the root of change there is desire which is a thing of the mind and of what one desires is a thing of projection...a thing unseen..yet a thought...of future outcomes. Once the desire has been achieved in the present...for example the thing that was desired to change has changed, there often evolves the distressing fact that this 'change' may not have been what the trouble was after all...this is past regret. So when you see how tied and twisted time and consciousness truly see that indeed everything changes...people, circumstances, the lot of it. So yes...people can and do change..everyday...just nothing is in ones' own control when it comes to what others will say or do in this life. 

    DonDowningJr lindilou, You are a womanimal!
    dowsa lindilou. You have been "Conversing with DOC. DOO.YOUR talking "PROPER QUEEN LIZZIE STYLE NOW.
    hector5559 That is very deep lindiou,I will go to sleep and think about it,

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    YES YES. COLLEEN IS "NICE TO "ME" NOW !! "Thats  what  happens when she is not  conversing  with my "WIFE.

    Colleen Who says I'm not talking to your wife? Maybe we are conspiring together and I'm just being nice to get you off balance....... :)
    dowsa "OH. That "Mind of "yours "Colleen .Never"surprises "ME!! Always have an "answer !

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    Yes, many do change. Some become better, some worse, others become simply differrent and some stay the same...

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    You cant change who you are, but you can change how you perceive the world , depending on events. that happen every day.

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    I believe people change, and are capable of change. To what degree they change, probably depends on the individual and circumstances. Within every day there is a lesson, that changes how we percieve the world around us. It might not be a major realization, but it will have changed our understanding of the world, and how we fit into it.

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    I've done a lot of changing in my life and in a lot of ways I'm the same as I was at birth (stubborn). Anybody who doesn't do some changing isn't human.....

    valR you are right, humans are not wolves...

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    Yes, actually a lot do.

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    Yes but true change comes from within..

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    Can you change a leopard's spots?

    hector5559 I had spots on my belly,but they have all goone now,
    eggplant Must have been chicken pox.

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    NO!  Absolutely not.  People can modify their own behavior, but they can not change their core personality, or their ethics and values, which defines who they are.  A person is defined by the time they become a teenager, if not earlier

    lindilou What about brain damage?...I recall the case study of a man who was sweet and even tempered before taking a spear like object through the skull.Having survived this dreadful injury he went on to be one of the most wretched mean spirited individuals due to the injury. If that's not a change in character I don't know what is.
    Bob/PKB Brain damage would not be a voluntary change. That is change done TO someone.

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    Sure, anytime you learn something new it changes you !

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    We'll see.  My eldest son just got out of jail a couple of days ago.  He told me that stay was the rock bottom of his life and he is DONE with meth, DONE with doing illegal stuff to "earn" money, and that he does not enjoy cigarettes anymore.  Those changes are HUGE! But it will be a day-to-day challenge.  Every day I will thank God for another day of his being clean. 

    DonDowningJr Good for you Bob. I know you have really worried about him. I hope that he stays clean, too. Tell him, "If you don't break the law, You won't have to go back to jail". You're his mother and I'm sure you have a lot of influence on him. Good luck to both of you.
    richardjames I wish him (and you) well! Only time will tell!

    My nephew stole a car on two seperate occasions as a teen and he did juvey time a few years ago. He's doing fine now: has a live-in girlfriend, a new baby and he's buying a house at only 20. I am cautiously optimistic.
    Bob/PKB Thank you, guys. Don, you've been compassionate for us right along, and that means a lot to me; Benthere had a mass said for us, and so many others have been caring and supportive. If the good thoughts make a difference....WOW!(Maybe it does!)
    richardjames, (are you related to Kevin?), your nephew may have learned the "easy" way, before he got an adult record. I sincerely hope your optimism is well-placed and that he continues to do well and be happy!
    ed shank Bob, I wish you both well, especially the kid. It's not going to be easy but everything and anything is possible if you want it bad enough. I wish him the best with all my heart.
    dowsa "What a "courageous" woman you are Bob .Your son should clean up his act for his health !! For his "Wonderful" MUM. Who worrys over him. Not turn her back !! Like some mum`s would!! Bless you girl My "Fondest wishes go with "You.
    Bob/PKB Thanks for your encouragement, ed shank and dowsa! ed shank, I think you know as well as or better than most the effort needed to make something out of a pile of ash (I've read about your teen and early adult years and would like to write your biography, as well as Daisy's).
    dowsa, you say so many positive things in a fun way...I can't turn my back, but I have to keep at arm's length so as not to stifle or alienate them with control issues.

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    My wife makes me "change" when my pants begin to stand up by themselves. I think its just a waste of detergent and water.

    DonDowningJr It's not a waste, it's a good thing!

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    I think everyone evolves and changes through circumstance /necessity or personal growth/ choice.The importance of the perception of others may or may not be of any importance to the individual regardless of potential impact on how they may be portrayed

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    I speak only for myself here. I’ve always been the same. I’ve gotten older and smarter (I guess)  but the me who relates to other people, beauty around me, music, love, food, fear, anger, injustice...  has remained the same. As I write this I’m wondering if tomorrow I change my mind about my answer.  : )  I haven’t read other answers yet. 

    Not an easy question! I’m confused ... as usual.     : ) 

    itsmee Of course health conditions change things.

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