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    activate my freds smart card now

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    You come with demanding question, you want some thing done Now. .      Silly, you got wrong site.

    linda t What site do I go to
    Dollybird I dont know where you got your Freds smart card from, but I suggest, you contsct where you got it from, and ask them. Dont know any thing about it here. Sorry.

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    Go back to Freds' for that here >>>>>>>>

    janne taylor
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    im  trying to get my freds smart card activated now



    lindilou Seriously? Four different people asking the same thing on the same page?? Really??
    Signed: Baffled on an Island
    Colleen They don't read. They just ask the question.
    lindilou wow...baffling... ;D

    linda t
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    What site do I go to

    janne taylor
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    how many question do i have to answer or what web site do i have to gone  on


    Colleen If you would read this thread, the answer is on it.
    DonDowningJr She really needs a smart card bad.
    lindilou They ALL do!! Wacko fun!! wth?

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    smart card is GREAT

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    yes it is

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    nice rewards

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    I like the smart card

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