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    why can't I find the page to activate my freds smartcard

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    I can't even find anything on the internet about a Fred's smartcard. What is it? Would it have a telephone number on the back of it so you can call for help/support? 

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    follow signs maybe we find answers to smartcard?

    Dardaigh Which country are you in?

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    no would like to find site.

    FISH-O Site for Fred's smart card? Are you asking as well or are you the same person?

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    Here's the site you are looking for!>>>

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    looking for freds smart card sit-e

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    i can't activate my card.  please can somebody come to the library and show ,me how to to do it. i'm getting very frustrated.

    Colleen No one is going to go to your library. We are volunteers from all over the world answering random questions. Didn't anyone ever teach you about internet safety? Why would you ask a stranger on the internet to come find you? Do you want to be killed? Raped? Kidnapped? Beaten up? Sold into human trafficking? What's wrong with you? You should not have access to a computer.
    Colleen Call their customer service number >> Customer Service at 1-800-374-7417

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