Are there songs everyone else seems to love, but you can't stand?

    I really like both West Side Story and My Fair Lady. No doubt the youthful beauty of Natalie Wood and Audrey Hepburn have a lot to do with it, but the music ain't bad either. Yet two songs I could very much do without are 'I feel pretty' and 'I could have danced all night'. I find both of them fey and affected. Yet I gather they're both high on the list of show-stoppers. Perhaps I'm just perverse, but does anyone agree with me?


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    I love musicals. A lot. A lot-alot! I love them.

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    Rap and I dont get along. I cant stand it.


    Agree. Bad, and bad on purpose.

    I wrote a Rap song roomates and I used to sing it! It was just as foul and violent as the rap we heard when the boyfriend visited a neighbor-LOL

    Anything by Led Zeppelin.........


    shame on you jh

    Oh, well...........


    Gotta whole lotta love!!!

    I voted you up but i disagree with you. :)

    I know everybody loves them, I just don't, can't stand them and that was the question...Sorry everybody...........

    Painful but a TU anyway...Le'Sigh.

    "I feel Pretty" gets old.  "I could have danced all night" is a romantic tune that always makes me imagine a happy future- So, I guess we will agree to disagree on this one.

    Music is so...personal.  I've been in both positions- not liking songs lots of people LOVE and liking song lots of people hate. (although there are few in the former category)

    Frankly, I don't care.  I will tolerate a few songs I don't care for if they are played by my friends.  On the other hand, If I know I'm with someone who dislikes a song I will wait until I am not with them to play it.


    ...speaking of Barney songs,here is one from the local kids..."I love you,you love me,let's go out and get Barney,with a 2by4 and shut the door,No more purple dinosaur"!!!!sung to the tune of the stoopid Barney jingle..LOL:D

    I like love and country ballads Marty Robbins ect.

    Anything resembling RAP. I f***ing hate it.


    Try some of Will Smith's Rap- It is "clean" and some are funny,

    Agree. Bad, and bad on purpose.

    It goes the other way around fo me.I love all the songs that everybody hates.LOL


    that would be my same exact answer..

    Don't believe you for a moment, but thanks anyway.

    It's tue! "My heart will go on" From "Titanic" is one of my favourites.

    Ditto on many accounts

    Anything sung by chipmunks. Yuck…turn that off!


    Agree wholeheartedly - and the same goes for Pinky and Perky.

    LOL- totally meant to annoy adults- Just like Barney songs LOL!


    I have a list... (My list of what other people seem to tolerate or like and I can't stand) ... Muzak is on the top.

    Tony Bennet doing "Smells Like Teen Spirit"... What was that loonatic thinking????

    I am not a fan of "Boy Bands"... The Spice Girls was beyond painful... Disco really does suck and "Pop-Country" has to go.

    David Cassidy... Barney, S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y   N-I-G-H-T!.... sung with Scottish accents was far too much...

    I will give ABBA the benifit of the doubt only because of "Pricilla Queen of the Desert".

    One song wonders drive me crazy... except for Steppenwolf (They had two and a groove).

    I don't want to talk about Celine or Shania... gasp.

    ... as much as I have tried... I get the Mexican Rap thing but Gangsta Rap is just plain nasty.

    E.L.O.  ... put me out of my misery.

    I can't get my head around Barry Manilow ... Place 'sap fest' here!

    Sad and True... Wham! and Boy George have to go on the list.

    I need to stop...

    It is time.




    I don't like any ABBA stuff. Totally bores me.

    Thank goodness Vinny... their music pains me.

    Pain...I'm nauseated...Some that you mentioned should just....go away!!!! LOL, I had forgotten about Wham and Boy George, ELO- maybe it's a blessing my memory is getting bad. And the Barry Manilow thing- what was he all about????

    Hilarious Doo... Let's not forget Niel Sedaka... help me I am drowing!!!

    I loved to hear my Mother-in-law "sing "FAR AWAY" ( far away the better say may be Canada )

    FISHY .You have not heard my Mother-in-law "Sing.Her talent should be heard .To believed She makes a "Bear sound like a frog .Mind you she would clear Canada of undesirables like a country clearance .Can you picture it a country with no people "Fish "Rules only.

    OMG my dad used to play neil sedaka NON stop!!! LOL- I usde th tell him to "turn that s_ _t down"! HaHA

    Doo... that is hilarious.

    I'm with tommyh....a lot of the songs I like, others look at me incredulously. The ones you mentioned, I agree with the doo. 
    As for the rap music, most of it is disgusting, but there are a few I actually like, even by Eminem.
    No accounting for taste; guess that's why there is so much variety.  

    Yes,there are some genres of music that cause one to stop and ponder the existence of man...muzak for example,where the classics are slaughtered and ground into songs fit for the entrapment of the elevator or the chaos of shopping malls....I also don't care for reggae-fie-ing classics as I prefer Roots or original Reggae music and feel that a certain bastardization of the essence of it is taking place...I love strings and woodwinds like I love to draw breath and above all I truly enjoy raw talent in those many I know of,not infamous,yet capable of creating desireable sounds to the ear!!!


    yep, I think muzak is a form of torture

    I love that version of the Barney song!-LOL
    I'm not sure I've heard a bastardization of Reggae- I feel fortunate! :)

    You have read my mind.

    I am "Raw talent "With no clothes on I sing "DON`T laugh at me because I am "Fool"

    No i just hate whats mainstream , I like what off the wall , punky type music from the 80,90, as well as the future..Even some rap for a 50 year old boy my music taste are young..

    Other than all rap, dare I say it.......Christmas carols, they start playing them here in all the stores and shops, as well the radio from about November, by the time Christmas is here I'm near enough ready to pull my hair out with yet another rendition of silent night ringing in my ears


    The same in the States. I've even heard one store playing carols in Oct. right around Halloween.

    same, Easter buns were in the shops here in last month!!

    Yup- Late October. I like the "spoof" carols that some radio stations play! Some are very clever- and it breaks the monotony of 2 mos. of hearing the 'real' carols.

    doo, wish they'd catch up here

    All those cheesy wedding songs. Please! Of course my mind just went completely blank can't think of a one.( Where has my moment of clarity gone? )


    mine ditches me too- usually right before I start talking-LOL

    I went to your "Wedding.
    All though I was dreading
    The thought of seeing you
    You fell down the isle
    fell flat on your smile
    your father was laughing to
    He drag your bouque
    The rest of the way
    Then he came back and draged you.

    All Hip Hop (or whatever they call it these days).  African Americans gave us the Blues and Rock n Roll...and now this?


    Sad and true.

    I don't like rap, I also don't like disco,


    I don't like rap but I do like disco, Disco has some great sounds and I like the disco era too! I played in many rooms then (keyboard) it was a time when people dressed up and when they danced, there was choreography to the moves. It was really cool seeing everyone dance the same steps in unison. i really miss those days.

    Disco really does suck...
    This is a scientific fact... Disco has now landed in the "Ha Ha Ha!" department of music so that we can be "Stayin' Alive!"

    Does not suck. :(

    LOL...I'm with fishlet on this!!!

    Mirror balls and white suits... big hairsprayed hair and disco.... it still sucks.
    ... and honestly, men really don't have to wear pants quite that tight.

    Don`t have to worry about me "FISHY I wear a "Kilt .I like the cool air fans blowing .I am Daddy cool.

    i seem to be stuck in the pre-eighty`s any thing after that leaves me a bit cold....

    Jazz is THE worst.


    Yes, it can be painful. I have been studying this genre for years and years and years... I can't get my head around it .... FOR THE LOVE OF YOU KNOW WHO!!!

    There are many types of jazz, too many to go into now but my guess is you are speaking of 'progressive jazz'. Not dance music by any chance. It is more free flowing, dissonant and even non-melodic. Not easy to sing along with. As a jazz musician myself I am more into 'contemporary Jazz', it has rhythm,melody and recognizable. It gets its name 'C-Jazz' because musicians will use the cover title of the tune as a template and free-form from there, its not regimented to the original There's dixieland jazz, jazzfunk,so many genres of jazz. Progressive jazz is usually more enjoyed by 'other musicians' progressive is a language that I honestly feel that you gotta be a musician or at least a little whacked out in the head to understand it. :

    Thanks Vinny. I will revisit jazz for more listening and understanding but .... I still don't like disco.

    Can't agree it's the worst. Nothing is worse than rap!

    I can tolerate just about any kind of music, except RAP and I don't consider that music.  of course there are many arrangements of music that I don't like. 'i could have danced..." isalso one that I  could do without.  I do not like musicals, although many scores within musicals i do like.  I absolutely dislike seeing a bunch of people singing their scripts in a movie or play.  I guess this is also whay I am not in to opera. I can't get into the art of it all, I do respect the atrists though.  Just not my bag.

    For us USA peeps, do you ever hear the radio commercial "1-800 Kars for Kids'.. This commercial absolutely drives me bonkers with what sounds like a 10 year old kid singing and his father playing guitar, it's a bit country.. I get so turned off on that i will change stations I am listeng to.


    some of you must have noticed the silent C that goes before "rap" in rap music.What do you mean there isnt one????There should be!


    I'll have to remember this one for in the future, leosmami. :)

    I hate all the shout screaming singers.

    Vinny, I find your description of the Jazz genre very enlightening but it must be an acquired

    The only "free" I like in music is Free Bird. :)


    Who doesn't like FREEBIRD!!!!!!!!!!! I remember my rock days, people all night yelling FREEBIRD, I guess we played it once on every set. I still like to play it and I do it on a digital piano and it sounds just like screaming guitar. Nobody believes me until they hear it though.

    YES. I AM A STAND BY MY "WOMAN MAN" Ronnie Milsap .  ( country singer )


    WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!..... Any son-in-law found guilty of shipping ny Mother-in-law over the water to the poor unsuspecting Canadians will be forced to listen to Ronnie Milsap 24/7 for the rest of his days.....
    This is a message from the R.C.M.P of CANADA... it's official like that don't you know.

    Dowsa... You need to embrace that Mother-in-law of yours... Enjoy the sweet sounds of her voice not to mention her brilliant ideas and inspired opinions.

    thanx Dardaigh.I just cannot get my head round rap music at all!

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