i cast a love spell on my boyfriend, how can i undo it?

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    I'm sorry, but it is impossible to undo a love spell. Your only option now is to marry him.


    Yep...and STAY married to him forever, and forever and forever and forever. Have fun!

    LOL!!:-)...and Ducka that`s the meanest answer I`VE ever HEARD!!(I Wouldn`t wish THAT on ANYONE)!!:-0..rotfl!;->>

    Don't dabble in things you don't understand. We all put our wishes out into the Universe with our words, so choose your words carefully and think things through. I'm a little confused by your comment because you say he is your boyfriend still so what is it you're asking for. In matters of the heart you need to let nature take its true course. If you no longer want to be with him then give him the curtesy of being honest with him. Good luck!""


    Abra Cadabra Baby!


    Here, you can use

    my magic wand!


    Bonk!!!All done!

    I'm jealous.

    How to let your lover choose to leave….” Can you help me out with my gambling debts, I just owe $15,000.00 and my bookie wants me to come back to work in his bar turning tricks if I can't pay up. 

    You should get an aids test, mine is flaring up again and I’ve got to go back on meds full-time.

    There’s a few things I need to tell you about….You remember my boyfriend before you? Well I lied and I just heard he is getting out of jail from the assault and battery charges while he was the bouncer at the bar I worked at and he’ll be here tonight and he wants me to get a cold case for him and his friend he knew in jail.



    .....running....(pant...pant) quickly....awwwaaaay!!!!!

    I love 'em all 3!!!

    Try the Lorena Bobbit reverse love potion.

    lindilou stitches......!!!LOL!

    Pour a continuous ring of salt around him and tell you that you take it all back...........

    Try love potion number 13..

    country bumpkin

    Is this anything like file file 13?

    Love potion No. 9, silly.

    Ya but 13 is unlucky and will reverse the spell..

    Supercalafragilisticexpialadoeshus!!!Then whack him with the majik wand!!!


    Lindilou- we are related! Ask anyone! That is how I describe myself in one word! LOL

    Oh dear.  You musn't ever cast spells if you don't know how to reverse them.  I can not reveal the magic potion ingredients on-line.  I can suggest this.  Tell him you are having fun and he's an awesome friend...but you need to slow down the love part.


    Bippity Boppity Boo!!!

    Doo! I sounded out that sentence! It is the anti-spell to end all anti-spells. Almost as god as lindilu's Bippity Boppity Boo

    Typing is one of my few talents; I can't communicate with all the animals, which would be way cooler and more rewarding.

    Just act like you've been married to him for 7 years.


    LOL- you're making me itchy!

    Hopefully,she'll scratch the spell away :-)

    How do you know that your "casting" worked in the first place?

    You must say the spell completely backwards. sdrawkcab yletelpmoc lleps eht yas tsum uoY.


    Thanks for your "backup" on another question...I appreciated your comments !

    Yes, the pun was intended !

    Ben, you NEED a permanent backup to speak for your silent replies.

    Bob, this is so funny! You crack me up.

    how long did it take you to type the 2nd sentence??-LOL

    it would have taken me a week-lol

    Try here >>>


    How nice to be able to undo the gastly beast.

    If witchway shows up tonight perhaps she can advise you! spells  cast have a threefold consequense or either good or bad! Spells are best left alone or to the ones who know whats going on!

    To late his ZIp is down


    Ya mean his Zip code...right????

    yeah, I'm sure that what he meant

    Mind you could be. "Trouser "Code !!


    zippity doo dah !!

    zippety eh, my OH MY what a wonderful day

    ""This is what you need to do. Just watch me. First you must look up to heaven and then put your finger in your nose and scrape. Do this six times every day for one week before lunch. Make sure your boyfriend is watching.

    don't waste your time, move on to another one

    Assign him some honey do's....that ought to make him run....if not, you might be in trouble.


    I thought that "honey do lists" were a good thing! No?

    That is certainly a matter of perspective !

    Oh....hmmmmm :(

    Depends on if you are the "do-ee" or the "do-er"...

    Oh right...communication problem...sorry. LOL!!!!

    run Doo-ee runnnn!


    FART... fart often and loudly... He will become disenchanted.


    Trouble with this one is, a diet heavy on onions, apples, white cabbage etc. is good for the figure and the complexion. So he'll take to bringing along some heavy incense, and insist that you eat [you cook] in before hitting the hay. Your enhanced beauty will make up for such of the smell as is not masked, and in any case, he will be contributing as well. Recall the old adage:

    'Successes are like farts: only your own smell sweet.'

    Apart from that, even of he pays for all the ingredients and the wine, it'll be a lot cheaper than taking you to a good reataurant.

    Umbriel- sometimes your answers are just....beyond me (LOL)

    tell me how to do spells.

    For quickest results, discover his password, steal his credit card, spend a whole lot on clothes, cosmetics and jewellery, and when the police come, tell them he told you the password and gave you the card the other night when he was drunk.

    This is not a very ethical procedure, but it will keep him well away.


    She's likely done it already just prior to casting the spell.

    Do  all of the above. 

    There is no doubt that your wish will be granted.

    Then pack your bags and move far away.... and hope your reputation does not follow you.

    Talk incessantly ........Then, he won't like you anymore.  Ditto for nagging him .


    I thought all women did that.

    nagging? ortalkingreallyfastandnotstoppingtobreathe-letaloneseeifyouarestillawake??..LOL

    Worked for ME!!;->..I `haven`t heard a word since the divorce came through!:-))

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