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    Happy Birthday to the King of the Fleas, ROMOS, one of the finest Scotsmen I know :)

    OK, so I think I only know 2 and they are both pretty cool :)

    Have a terrific day ROMOS and I hope the day brings you nothing less than the best of everything!! (((hugs)))


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    ROMOS Thanks Ms C,key of the door again,that would make me 20 somethin eh?
    Colleen It's your birthday, you can dream ;)
    FISH-O What a cake!
    Jenn Awesome, cake!
    dowsa Cant see the fleas? Did you wash them away ? lol
    Colleen The fleas were out picking up the ice cream.

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    Birthday Greetings from Fj.

    ROMOS Thankyou fj.

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    "Well pal happy day .Wish I could say the same about IBROX "What a carry on cant think or take in whats happening the TIC are got it sewing up .

    ROMOS Leagues gone mate, sorry to say.
    As long as RANGERS survive.
    Thanks by the way.

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    Enjoy your day, may your whisky be good and your kilt be warm

    ROMOS Whisky,s always good, kilts always warm.
    Thanks lambie.
    All the best.
    lambshank your very welcome, hope you feel better

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    I can see that you are one popular dude, Romos.   Best of wishes to you.  

    ROMOS Sometimes not so popular, depends on the occasion.

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    ROMOS   Congratulations, and a very happy birthday to you!   You certainly have a following, like no other!  Have a nip or two, for the celebration, and to keep the chill off.  All the best to you, Bustie..

    Mr. Chatterbox
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