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    Any ideas i can mix honey and tea with, for my child that has a bad cough?

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    I use honey and lemon juice mixed with a little warm water

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    You,ve virtually got the recipe, make it 1/3 of each.

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    No honey for kids under 1 year of age!

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    If the cough sounds congested. boil some onion and let child drink juice (while warm) and this should clear  chest

    Ed1530 OMG yuck!

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    Manuka honey, ( from New Zealand ) has superior healing properties.

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    My dad used to give me tea with honey and lemon when I was a kid, sometimes a nip of whiskey if I couldn't sleep. I wouldn't recommend the whiskey, but here are some websites that may help you look more in depth for an answer.

    Easy Recipes For Children

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    Honey: An effective cough remedy? -

    A recent study suggests that honey may help calm coughs. ... practical information, recipes, blogs ... Drinking tea or warm lemon water mixed with honey is a time-honored way ... – /health site seo

    Cough and Cold Remedies - Welcome to Make-Stuff

    Kids Stuff: Cooking: Formulas&Remedies ... Try some of these recipes for homemade cough and cold remedies: Ginger Tea ... mugs and add lots of honey. The tea ... – site seo

    Honey or Ginger Tea Preferred for Kids' Cough Home Remedy ...

    Honey or Ginger Tea Preferred for Kids' Cough ... remedies either, but ginger tea has a long tradition for easing coughs ... A recipe would be helpful. Thanks – site

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    Lemon....squeeze the juice out of a  fresh lemon

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