what was the number 1 song on december 16 1968

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    lily the pink by scaffold

    Hm...I don't remember that song, at least not by it's name. Did it have lyrics that included, lilly of the morning, or Lilly of the mourning?

    The number one song on that day in this part of the world was...

    I Heard it Through the Grapevine by Marvin Gaye


    Hon..ah hon..ah yeah!!!! I can really howl to that one and I just did!
    FF: I thought that was John Fogarty. Maybe it was both. John Fogarty almost came to my house for a party (1974 ish) He was a friend of a friend and they both lived in San Francisco. I lived near San Francisco.
    Maybe I would go by the name of Mrs. Fogarty if that had happened. He still lives nearby in Southern California...Our spouses wouldn’t like it.

    Me singing to the "wife A "certain smile "She started to laugh her "Father went week at the knees I think it was the "Whiskey Her mother "wet her knickers .I must say good time had by all..Sorry what was your Question?

    Oh, I looked it up at 3AM. I found it sophisticated and cool.  Move over Beatles. The member were well dressed in nice clean white suits and well trimmed hair. So impressive.                :  D

    Where ever did you come across that skihawk? Are you one one them? Well, are you?

    Threshold of a Dream by the Moody Blues (This is a guess) Maybe Light My Fire by Jim Morrison.

    Dec 16, 1968 I was in N.Vietnam I listened to alot of Doors music.

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