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    Where fishy go Daddy? Where fishy go ?!

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    2 years ago

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    There are two possibilities. 1) on vacation to the seashore..returning shortly after new year's or 2) to the moon to work with those from other planets man the alien space station situated there..returning shortly after new year's...honey, it's very late, lets get you tucked in with your christams stuffed dog and Mr. bunny. Sweet dreams "daddy loves you".

    figtree3 Thanks daddy, what about Mr. Bunny?
    doolittle Of course...good night Mr Bunny please keep figgy safe!
    Umbriel Children! I know it's New Year's Eve, but acid and ecstasy is a dangerous combination.
    doolittle we are talking about fish fry...formally known as fishgirl...and even if figgy was not.......figgy accepted the answer. Mr Bunny is figgy's favorite stuffed animal.
    FISH-O Umbriel's impersonation of the BIG BAD WOLF ... again! :) Swim away children. Swim away!
    Oh, and I was micro-algae farming in the Caspian Sea. Good times!
    figtree3 This one was fun, from a year ago!
    So you helped to reuse carbon dioxide?
    You're quite the photosythesizer aren't you?
    FISH-O A fish of many talents... :)

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