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    Lucy Lu
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    what is the best way to freeze a ham that has been cooked

    we have an 18 lb ham that i cooked today there is only 2 of us in the house we have a lot of ham left over can I slice it up and refeeze it? what is the best container to store it in 

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    2 years ago

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    I do cut it into chunks or slices and put the pieces in ziplock freezer bags then take it out as needed.

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    You can also slice  the ham up into serving slices, or thicker for sandwichs, layer the slices with plastic wrap between them. Then take out how ever many you want, with out them sticking togeather. If you dont want to cut the ham,wrap it in aluminum foil, so it doesent get freezer burn.

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    Slice it all up and put in freezer bags that have zips on them

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    Just like she said, cut and put in ziplock bags, and get most air out as you can. Then freeze. Put a pound in a bag each.

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