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    julie 86
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    actions to take suspicions of abuse

    can someone help me question is...Explain the actions to take if there are suspicions that an individual is being abused...



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    2 years ago
    dowsa Ducka has said it all and be careful look after yourself good question.

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    Report to police, a parent, a child, a neighbor, a social worker, a minister, a teacher, a lawyer, a friend, an aunt, an uncle, a sibling, a close friend...keep talking until someone, somewhere listens! If your suspicions are right,you will have helped someone immensely, and if you are wrong and only trying to help, then your heart was in the right place.  Make it VERY CLEAR  to whomever you decide to tell, that "you suspect" (as stated in your question).

    julie 86 Thank you so much really helpful and much appreciated
    Ducky You are welcome. All the best to you.

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