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    im going to b with my love of my life in texas on monday. but i have no I.D i have to pass threw the check points im going by bus can i use a ss# or birth records showing im a u.s citisen ???

    n i may have a warrant in the system

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    Shootah Don't use the 911 line, and call up the local police station. You can ask them to run your name to find out if you have a warrant. Don't use a land line either, as they'll know where you're calling from. I say this, as the last thing you want, is to be arrested in some far off place and not have anyone able to come get you out! You might want to consider staying local, although I doubt you will.

    You really want to get that stuff straightened out, as it's really kind of difficult to lead a normal life with that sort of thing hanging over your head. It can take everything you want and love away from you in a second, by simply being in a completely innocent situation where the police run your name. They'll run your name simply by virtue of being with someone they suspect of doing something!
    Shootah It really saddens my heart, as I know you must be young. You don't see it, but, unfortunately I do. It sounds as though you're rolling full tilt down a track to your own personal train wreck.
    Shootah If the "love of your life" had anything to do with you having a warrant...that love isn't being shown you, if he's putting you in that kind of predicaments!

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    You probably can. But, after checking the requirements, you should apply for a State I.D. Some places can and will give you a difficult time in not being able to identify yourself. It's just the day and age we live in now after 9/11.

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    I would think yes.  However, most states offer  ahat used to be called a 'walkers id" with your name, address, etc but it is helpful because it has your picture on it.  Texas, for lack of better words, "does their own thing" but they may want a picture the bus co. and see if they know. 

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