what is the coldest temperature ever recorded in wisconsin?

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    The coldest temperature ever officially recorded in Wisconsin was -55° F at Couderay on Feb. 4, 1996. There is no practical way to tell whether this was the coldest day on record in all of Wisconsin, but it was a cold day across the northern Midwest.

    On Feb. 2, 1996, as the cold air was moving in, Minnesota recorded its coldest day on record, -60°F at Tower.

    Couderay is in northwestern Wisconsin, about 70 miles north of Eau Claire. Feb. 4, 1996, was not the coldest day on record in Eau Claire. While Wisconsin isn't as large as Alaska, Texas or some other western states, it is large enough to have widely different weather across the state on any one day.


    I looked at our freezer it's between 0 and -20 degrees F.
    Our refrigerator is between 32 and 40 degrees.

    I assume there are no people in that part of Wisconsin where it is soooo cold. Sheesh!

    I read something like this and I want to research and learn more and more. I have another life that has to do with dinner, the store, dismantling our Christmas stuff, combing my hair ... You know. I must move it . move it. move it. : D I cannot study Wisconsin at the moment.


    Well, my mom who was from Wisconsin originally, used to say she never beleived her older sisters when they said it had got down to minus 60 degrees F !! --in Wis---out there in the country  She said she never beleived them untill the first winter my brother and his wife and babies moved to Wisconisin. It got down real low that winter. My niece, who was 2 at the time said, " Even my teeth are cold !! "   ......when they were just running out to the car.

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