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    are daddy long leg spiders poisonous if eaten

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    2 years ago

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    country bumpkin
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    You've got to be hungry to eat one of those surely.

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    Probably not, if you eat one, but I would not order the largest order..  Kidding, I do not think so, but check with poison control.  If you are still alive, 1 yr. later, they are not! 

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    I like em franch fried wid sum mustart on em. Um-Hm

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    My cats like to eat spiders and thinks it tastes like squid or octopus. The exterrior shell on insects and spiders are not alive like the spider within. So the living parts of spiders are actually encased in a external structure that allows mobility and life. Spiders molt like crabs to increase their overall size. It is probable that we will someday breed spiders for our food,  as the Chinese do already  and in much larger sizes. Considering the possibilities is a voyage into the ICK! factor. But then too, as a child, I remember my first taste of sugar was that it tasted repulsively bitter.  

    itsmee Now this was very interesting and scary and I don’t know if you’re kidding or not. “We will someday breed spiders for our food” Oh, Yuckkkkkkkkk!
    robertgrist The ICK! factor is there. But then the first person to eat an oyster…on a dare…eat that thing that looks like something that fell out of an ox nose. Found stuck to a rock and decided to eat it. right. Not first on that adventure…not me. Consider the lobster, and crab….we eat them and you are saying if they were raised in a cage in a greenhouse and looked like a big spider…...

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