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    ricky arora
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    who came first? Jesus, Allah, Lord krishna, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Buddha, Lord or others

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    2 years ago

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    christ.. eternity past as well as eternity future!

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    JESUS  the alpha and omega.

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    Jesus Christ is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last. (Revelation 22:13)

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    God of haters beware "Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.'1 John 4:1

    Colleen Who are you calling haters? You need to adjust your attitude. No one here hates. Those who point fingers and cry haters should look carefully at themselves. Just because one does not believe, it does not mean they hate. I don't even hate you and you're the furthest thing from a Jesus child than even I am. I don't even hate your president. I just want him to go back to Africa or his Muslim country and get out of mine.
    IluvJesus I don't need to adjust anything,interpret what I say how you see fit.You do not scare me,only Jesus runs me,so stop trying,get over yourself Ms.moderator.I don't see how someone can moderate,and come off as rude as you and point fingers as much as you,you should fade off into the background instead of picking fights because they don't agree with your thoughts,it would be more professional,this is life after all,it doesn't work that way!!And our president is American,whether are not you want to admit it,and he's not going to go back anywhere,he's sleeping comfortably as we speak in his plush comfy bed in the white house as we speak!:)Done...Goodnight!
    Colleen Wow, I hear an echo. Seems every time I say something to you, you just parrot it back. No worries, I'll keep thinking for you. I'm glad you're not scared of me. I've never tried to make you scared of me. Never given you a reason to be. I can guarantee your president is not sleeping at all right now. He knows he screwed up big time. As for professional, when I get paid to do this job, I'll be professional to even the nut jobs. I pick no fights. Not my fault if your attitude makes you think that. Why do you strike at anyone who does not agree with you? I've seen you do it to countless people on this forum. You have proven you're not a nice person even though you throw up, I mean throw out the name Jesus all the time. Hypocrite.
    IluvJesus There is no bigger hypocrite then you.Goodnight,I'm going to do you a favor and stop....not for you, but I'll stop for Jesus,you know not whats in my heart that's a love affair you cant touch!Toddles and goodnight.
    Colleen Love affair? Really? Sex included or not?
    bulletman I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!
    IluvJesus @bulletman....LOL...I know too.:)
    Colleen @ The old man, This is not a Christian site. It's an open forum that follows the democratic rule, not the religious rule. It only has a lot of pushy self professed Christians. With the way you stomp around here yelling haters (so much so that you have the token Christian parrot Tami saying haters now too) I have to say you're the hater. Christians are the only people who feel it necessary to push their kool-aid here on a daily basis. Don't like what people have to say about your religion? Push it somewhere else. Quite frankly, the non believers are tired of the childish ignorance of the lot of you "believers". No one is really fighting the religion. We're just having fun with the silly little lambs who haven't learned yet that the playground belongs to everyone. I think the kool-aid has made a few of you whacky but that's just my opinion. Don't like what you call blasphemers here old man? No problem, you are more than welcome to go and find a Christian forum. No one is holding you here.
    IluvJesus Colleen....shut up...stop ranting and raving,it's getting old and I'm tired of hearing your self proclaimed negativity,if you don't have something nice to say to me then don't say it,cause it blows up every time,your a waste of time.
    Colleen Looking in the mirror again?
    Colleen Just to update this since this 2 year old question (I know it reads 1 yr but it is 2 yrs old) has been brought up again, Tami here, aka IluvJeseus was a horrid little bible thumper who did attack anyone that did not kiss her butt and worship her God. At this point, she had given many members a hard time and truly was very nasty about it. I did a happy dance the day an admin messaged me and told me to go ahead and suspend her :)

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    The chicken came first.

    IluvJesus Oh mean to tell me your made up God didn't come first???Well I'll be damned.LOL
    Colleen You certainly will be if that's what you believe :)

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    You're all wrong, Hinduism is a very ancient religion and may be the oldest in the world.  So, shut up. Krishna, and all the hindu Gods came long before Christianity.

    Buddhism was an offshoot of Hinduism. The Buddha's  lifetime was thought to be c. 563 BCE to 483 BCE, but more recent opinion dates his death to between 486 and 483 BCE or, according to some, between 411 and 400 BCE. So, put that in your jesus pipes and smoke it.

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    It certainly was'nt alla he did'nt arrive on the scene until 600ad

    Umbriel Indeed, he did not. But he taught his disciples to lie on his behalf. Five or six years ago, I met a Muslim who declared, without a hint of irony, that 'Abraham was the first Muslim.'
    That he was unequivocally the first Jew did not appear to have occurred to him.

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    Bugs bunny and Santa Claus.

    IluvJesus Ha ....Ha.....Not funny...but very stupid.

    WHAT THA ???!!!!!!
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    Colleen Oh lord, another shouting believer. Why are you people so angry and loud?
    Umbriel As you put it, in your ill-mannered and semi-literate way, FOR YOU TO ASK THAT QUESTION YOU MUST DON'T BELIEVE IN OUR FATHER. I am very happy not to believe in your 'FATHER', because for a father to have produced the likes of your good self would have taken at least six generations of incest from father to daughter, mother to son - and at that, you'd have to start with very inferior stock.
    This comment is supposed to be insulting. And if it gets pulled on that account, so be it. You deserve to be insulted.

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    No wonder the Romans threw the christians to the lions! If I was a Roman I'd throw iluvjesus to the lions along with the others.

    IluvJesus Please eggie..don't even go there,go play with your chickens,this had nothing to do with you!Goodnight!scrambled eggs..opps I mean eggplant.:)

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    Hurray, hurry up and stop for jesus!

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    This is quickly becoming a religious site.  I sense the next group to arrive is the Hare Krishna.


    We miss you, Grandpa3.

    Colleen He's still around. I see him every morning.
    eggplant No we don't.
    Umbriel Hare Krishna? Well, they may have better manners than the in-bred fundamentalists.
    Chiangmai I agree. Never had problem with them.

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    This is a pointless question. It doesn't matter a hoot which religion came first - and it was most likely the religion of Thinite Egypt - what matters is which religion will still be going once its adherents have hunted down and killed all the adherents of all the rest.

    At the moment Islam seems to be the front-runner. I hope it fades out, in favour of something - well, almost anything - else. I suppose institutionalised worship of Moloch would be a bit worse than Islam, though not by much. It went like this. The statue of Moloch took the form of a handsome man, rendered in cast iron. His arms were held out, as if to cradle a child. The statue was heated to a dull cherry glow, and a child was then cast into his welcoming arms.

    It's one way of stabilising the population, though not the one I would choose.


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    IluvJesus "Ha ....Ha.....Not funny...but very stupid."

    I agree with you. It is rather sad that many believe in the existence of Bugs Bunny,Santa Claus and the 6 make-believe personalities highlighted by the questioner.The difference is that the first two are embraced by children who don't know any better while the other 6, by adults who should.

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    Aren't they all the same? Aren't they part of one supreme being?

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    Guys look everything has two sides 

    If you guys see practically , Hinduism is THE OLDEST religion 

    It can't be denied . 

    We live in a practical world so believe what is practical .

    I believe that Jesus and Allah are none other than prophets of Hinduism who came to enhance the spirituality of people by introducing many new methods to save people from getting infected of all evil 

    So all gods are same 

    Nothing is here to fight ......... 

    I believe in Vishnu , the supreme lord . And he is true ...

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